Transfer Forms
Maintenance and Engineering Forms
Land Forms
Miscellaneous Forms

Transfer Forms

1 Associate Membership Form
2 Authority Letter
3 No Demarnd Certificate Form
4 Documents Required for Duplicate Letter
  a. Addvertisment for loss of documents
  b. Affidavit
5 Documents Required for Legal Heirs Transfer
  a. Affidavit
  b. Public Notice
  c. Forwarding Letter
6 Documents Required for Sub Division
  a. Affidavit
7 Documents Required for Regular Transfer
  a. Affidavit
  b. Forwarding Letter
  c. Stamp Paper
  d. Undertaking
8 Documetns Required for HIBA Transfer
  a. Affidavit
  b. Forwarding Letter
  c. No Demarnd Certificate
  d. Undertaking by donee
  e. Acceptance


Building Control Forms

1 Undertaking General
2 Undertaking for Building Renovation (Commercial / Residential)
3 Undertaking for Basement (Residential)
4 Undertaking for Basement (Commercial)
5 Undertaking for Dumping of Material & Temporary Hut
6 Undertaking for Septic Tank
7 Undertaking for Generator Installation (Commercial)
8 Undertaking for Basement (No Objection Certificate not obtained)
9 Undertaking for Swimming Pool
10 Undertaking for Water Boring
11 Undertaking for the use of excavator
12 Undertaking for demolition of house
13 Undertaking for the architect renewal
14 Undertaking for use a plot as a lawn
15 Undertaking for amalgamation
16 Undertaking for sub-division
17 Application for possession of plot (Site Plan)
18 Sewerage Connection Opening
19 Demarcation Form
20 Undertaking for No Claim for Services
21 Criteria for Architect Registration
22 Revised water / sewerage bills


Land Forms

1 Sale of Land Form
2 Affidavit Form - Stamp Paper


Miscellaneous Forms

1 Dues Challan Form
2 Job Application Form (English)
3 Job Application Form (Urdu)
4 Defence Library Membership Form / Fee Structure
5 Application of No Objection Certificate / Permission to Mortgage
6 Verification Form
7 Registration Form for Property Dealers
8 Servant Registration Form
9 Special Power of Attorney
10 Regular Membership Form
11 Application Form for School Bus
12 Registration form for Senior Citizen
13 Generator Installation - Commercial
14 Generator Installation - Residential
15 DHA Parks Entry Pass
16 Membership Form for Swimming Pool / Gym Complex
17 Membership Form for Sports Complex G & K
18 Membership Form L Stadium
19 Booking Letter L Stadium/Sports Complex
20 Membership Form XX Sports Complex
21 Booking Letter XX Stadium/Sports Complex
22 Application Form Booking of Stadium/Sports Complexes
23 Vehicle Registration Form