Residents Procedure

Road Maintenance
Animal and Pet Control
Fixture and Maintenance
Water & Waste Management
Electric Works
Generator Placement
Paid Services by DHA
Complaint Cells

Senior Citizen/Veterans Facilitation Desk

Senior Citizen Card
Club Membership Rebate
Medical Discounts

Transfer Procedure

Verification of Property
No Demand Certificate (NDC)
Regular Transfer
Hiba Transfer
Legal Heir(s) Transfer
Foreign Transfer (Seller Abroad)
Foreign Transfer (Purchaser Abroad)
Out Station Transfer
Issuance of Allocation / Intimation / Allotment/ Transfer Letter(s)
Issuance of Duplicate Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s)
Change of Name
Preparation of Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
Cancellation of Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
Amalgamation of Plots
Subdivision of Plots
Grant of Regular Membership (Defence Personnel Only)
Registration of Property Dealers

Building Control Procedures

Site Plan Issuance
Submission of Building Drawings / Plans
No Demand Certificate (NDC)
Demarcation of the Plot
Temporary Sewerage Connection
New Water and Sewerage Connection
Completion Certificate
Duplicate Site Plan or Completion Certificate
Registration of the Architect
Renovation / Repair of House / Building
Refund of security fee
Demolition of House/Building
Permission for use of Mechanical Excavator
Use of Adjacent Plot as Lawn
Use of Open Plot for Stacking of Construction Material / Temporary Hut
Cutting / Trimming of Trees
Issuance of Burial Certificate
Installation of Generator in Commercial Building

Land Matters

Approval Procedure
Sale Deed Submission
No Demand Certificate (NDC)
Stamp Duty
News Advertisement
Adjustment Application
Missing Documents Application
Miscellaneous Application